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Episode 82: Black Panther is The Only Black Bond We Need

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Other Things Media Entertainment

Reactions to movies and a variety of other news.

Fill In those “Duh” moments

Talking with Burritos uses topics from entertainment media to craft story lines (fictitious or otherwise) to entertain and inform the media lover in all of us. Okay, most people. If you like movies and the pop culture narrative, then allow host JJ Graham to be that friend who will, if anything, make you chuckle uncomfortably or say hmmmmm– shout out to C&C Music Factory.


Movies released in theaters every week are graded upon scale of good or bad. But movies are more that just a rating and should be discussed and not simply delegated to simple characters.

Burritos Are a Thing

Burritos are a real affliction, however, eating burritos while recording a podcast is a noisy nightmare.

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