Fill in Those "Duh" Moments

A weekly dish of movie reviews, media entertainment, and other content you can like, share, or use to start a conversation.
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About the Pod

Be “that person” who didn’t see that movie or know that thing. J.J. has random conversation starters to impress your friends or strangers at a party. Answer that question, “have you seen that movie?” with confidence and smugness of knowing you did not. But you did listen to a podcast and got an ear stuffing of words to fill in those "DUH" moments.


J.J. Wayne Graham

Host and Content Creator
Aka Jerry. Grew up an introvert. Graduated into fatherhood. Loves movies. I dream with my eyes open.


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Reviews on The Thread

Reactions to movies and other things media entertainment.
How many of us have sat alone in a theater laughing only to ourselves? No one to talk to on ride home from the movie theater. That’s what this is. We are your listening partner.

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