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We Got You?

Let our podcast be the inner voice occupying your ear space as Aunt Rosie gives a rather vivid depiction of her recent colonoscopy... pictures included. 


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The Thread

Everything we watch, like, think and share.

It’s our obligation to share our love for movies, video games, and crazy myths about mythical creatures who lurk under your beds and steal your socks; it’s an epidemic people, those sock monsters must be eliminated. And if we don’t spread the word… Who will?

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    It’s my job to watch movies, so this podcast is basically a perk of work… work perk…pwerk?

    As media consumers, we indulge so much in literal and visual stimulation that we forget we have a voice. This podcast enables us to exercise our voices and to share in the enjoyment of everything you find entertaining to watch, play, or listen.

    Pure inspiration. Watch two of these and call me in the morning.