Words Are Currency

In this day and age words are currency, however, most of our words are spent on deaf ears or remain locked inside the vault of an unspoken mind. From blogs to v-logs, podcasts, and social media, some of us have found a way to share our interests and passions using the technology obtainable by almost everyone.

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We Enjoy Movies

Okay, seriously, how many of you have sat alone in a theater laughing to yourself or have wanted to talk to someone on the ride home from the movie theater. Well, that’s who were are.

Sock Monster Are Real

It’s our obligation to share our love for movies, video games, and crazy myths about mythical creatures who lurk under your beds and steal your socks; it’s an epidemic people, and if we don’t spread the word… Who will?

That Was Funny, Right?

Not comedians but we sure do make ourselves laugh. We joke and poke fun at topics varying topics from sock monsters to Bette White, and did you know Dr. Ruth was a sniper?

Bull$hit Aside

As media consumers, we indulge so much in literal and visual stimulation that we forget we have a voice. This website enables us to exercise our creative muscle and to share in the enjoyment of everything you find entertaining to watch, play, or listen.

It began as…

Every week a group of projectionists known as THE BOOTHIES would take yards of this magical celluloid twine called film and wind together image sequences for the viewing public. Very late nights led very hungry bellies and interesting conversations about movies, comics, life, and the zombie apocalypse.

Talking With Burritos is the very nature of what it was like to work in a projection booth on Thursday nights. Different people with shared interests yammering on about anything and everything. There was laughter and there were tears but we were all there to listen while we worked.

Burritos and dry runs were a great perk but it was the camaraderie and exchange of ideas that would later become the motivational force behind this site and the podcast.

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