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About The Pod

Life, laughter, and different forms of entertainment media, helps me craft conversational story lines (fictitious or otherwise) to entertain the niche in everyone… okay most people. I am barely political, religious, or business savvy but if you like movies and someone telling you stories then I'm the person you-want-in-your-ear?


“Film allows us to explore certain recesses of our brains only obtainable through a lens of color, movement, and sound. Our own memories and experiences influence the imaginary received from the perspective of another person’s view. And although what the director sees and imagines isn’t exactly how an audience may interpret, the subtle seed of an idea has been planted. Now water that seed with thought and nourishment from knowledge and then you have a true experience.”

Jerry JJ Wayne Graham

A Brief History

Every week a group of projectionists known as THE BOOTHIES would take yards of this magical celluloid twine called film and wind together image sequences for the viewing public. Very late nights led very hungry bellies and interesting conversations about movies, comics, life, and the zombie apocalypse.

Talking With Burritos is the very nature of what it was like to work in a projection booth on Thursday nights. Different people with shared interests yammering on about anything and everything. There was laughter and there were tears but we were all there to listen while we worked.

Burritos and dry runs were a great perk but it was the camaraderie and exchange of ideas that would later become the motivational force behind this site and the podcast.