Inside Out: Pixar’s Wondrous Stream of Consciousness

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Inside Out sheds light on those tumultuous preteen problems we’ve all forgotten about. Twelve year-old Riley and her family have moved to San Francisco. They’re a close family with happy memories, big dreams and a hopeful future. But Riley’s new home has greatly effected her personality and diminished her childhood. She’s a kid, so her emotions are amplified and run … Read More

There’s Always Something Bigger

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It’s been a long time coming. Jurassic World has been picked and shoved by numerous writers over the past decade, endlessly revising and editing under the supervision of Steven Spielberg.  Spielberg insisted on a sequel that recaptured the spectacle of the original. With many writers pushing and shoving the film in different directions, I couldn’t imagine where else it could … Read More

“Just dim the lights and blast the volume, that’ll scare ’em!”

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Insidious: Chapter 3 has everything we’ve come to expect from the series: an idiotic family haunted by evil entities, Shakespearean demons and never ending jump scares that basically fund the film. This time we explore old psychic Elise Rainier (Lin Shaye) and her encounter with a ferocious demon that bump her back into business and prepare her for more devious … Read More

Age of Ultron – The Empire Strikes Back of the Marvel Movies

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  An unexpected romance between Natasha Romanoff and The Incredible Hulk leaves the female spy questioning the initial intent behind her assignment. By sending her to the reclusive scientist, did Nick Fury know they would fall in love? His response: “You hope for the best then make do with what you get.” This is the most important line in Joss … Read More