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Instead of a monster movie about Kong, this remake of the quintessential creature feature focuses on one general’s vendetta against a war he may or may not have lost. The scrutiny he and his company (really, it’s all Sam) face as soldiers returning home from the Vietnam War is all too much to bear, so Packard enlisted his company upon …

Colossal Kong and The Creature Feature – TWB76

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The 80’s welcomed in a different type of horror movie which steered away from the fear of the atomic 50’s and the boujee-ness of the 1960’s Euporean bloodsuckers. Horror did not necessarily include monsters but monstrous figures committing monstrous acts.

Freddy Krueger Got Fingered on Elm Street -TWB73

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Surviving in Freddy Krueger’s dreamworld is almost impossible, but what if you had a choice and one of them involves not getting into the lion’s den with the four-fingered crispy nightmare man of dreams gone bad? The other option is easier, less painful, but involves Tom Green.

Good Shot, Freddy

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I’m a kid of ten or so; ten in dreamland age but physically as I am now, a full grown man standing at the top of a stairwell of no more than twenty steps staring down into the abyss of darkness we call the basement. There’s a long buzzing sound from the dryer, cycles end. With one foot descended, hovering …

IT and 80’s Nostalgia

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IT works well as just a movie. Even if I had not read the book I would enjoy this film. Why, because it does something that many films fail to do these days: make me feel something. While watching IT, I felt a longing for the moments of childhood when we would ride bicycles and find adventure. There were no …