Freddy Krueger Got Fingered on Elm Street -TWB73

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Surviving in Freddy Krueger’s dreamworld is almost impossible, but what if you had a choice and one of them involves not getting into the lion’s den with the four-fingered crispy nightmare man of dreams gone bad? The other option is easier, less painful, but involves Tom Green.

Good Shot, Freddy

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I’m a kid of ten or so; ten in dreamland age but physically as I am now, a full grown man standing at the top of a stairwell of no more than twenty steps staring down into the abyss of darkness we call the basement. There’s a long buzzing sound from the dryer, cycles end. With one foot descended, hovering …

IT and 80’s Nostalgia

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IT works well as just a movie. Even if I had not read the book I would enjoy this film. Why, because it does something that many films fail to do these days: make me feel something. While watching IT, I felt a longing for the moments of childhood when we would ride bicycles and find adventure. There were no …