King Up High

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Dekker is cool and calm; his place within this Purge world is more about the excitement of the day and not the horrors of tomorrow. As a competitor, Dekker displays his conformity on the stage of a television show, King Up High.

Wonka Candy, A Halloween Tradition

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There was no other candy I both loved and loathed to receive while trick or treating. Wonka candy always had that terrible effect. I’d always be excited to see nerds candy was what I received the only thing I’d hate was the day after when you bring the candy to school and a friend wanted some of your tiny amount … Read More

Unpopular Opinions: Big Bang Theory

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So Big Bang theory is going on to its 8th season and beyond and their actors are being paid about $1 million per episode. And aside from that being a ridiculous amount of money for a mediocre show with overused, tired tropes, it’s hailed as the normalization of nerds. But I’m here to tell you: it’s not. The whole premiss is … Read More

The Dopeness Returns : Temple of the Bat God.

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I’ve often been accused of hating Batman. I’m gonna set the record straight right here and now, I don’t hate Batman, I simply think he’s incredibly over-hyped. I actually REALLY like Batman as a character. He’s a legend, one of DC’s big three, A founding member of the Justice League, and arguably the most determined character in the DC Universe. … Read More

JUST A RAPPER – The Childish Gambino

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As a huge fan of Community, I had no knowledge of the artist referred to as the Childish Gambino or that he moonlighted as the actor Donald Glover. Sometime in the fall of 2013, General Dopeness came to me and insisted I listen to this album by the black guy on community. I accepted his flash drive containing the album Camp and mixtape Cul … Read More

Feminist Nerds are Needed

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I define a feminist nerd as one who identifies with any or all of these definitions A feminist that is a nerd about feminism A nerd that identifies as a feminist A feminist that identifies as a nerd And we’re needed pretty desperately. All three of us together because with only 2 of the 3 or just 1, we don’t … Read More

Not With A Bang, But With A Whimper…

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I believe in certain things. I don’t have belief in the traditional way, like faith in a higher power. I’m a pretty staunch atheist when it comes down to questions like that. But I do have beliefs. I believe that the sun will come up, and go down. I believe that if I drop something it will fall. I believe … Read More

Ahright ahright ahriigghhtt…

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Matthew McConaughey finally won an Academy Award. I mean that completely sincerely too. It’s high time he landed a role that was actually deserving of him. It’s really easy for many to scoff and roll their eyes at this statement, when you look at his past filmography. The man is, after all best known for his laid back surfer meets … Read More

Live Action Role Play

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Say will you will about Hugh jackman but never call him disloyal. Most stars bitch and tire after say the second film in a three part commitment but this guy has given us six, count them six, movies with him as wolverine. And never have we had a contract dispute or words from camp that he wants an uber raise … Read More