Age of Ultron – The Empire Strikes Back of the Marvel Movies

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  An unexpected romance between Natasha Romanoff and The Incredible Hulk leaves the female spy questioning the initial intent behind her assignment. By sending her to the reclusive scientist, did Nick Fury know they would fall in love? His response: “You hope for the best then make do with what you get.” This is the most important line in Joss … Read More

5 stages of a dealing with a dying computer

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There is a model of dealing with the death of someone called the Kübler- Ross model.  I figured it would work for my dying computer. 1.  Denial My computer isn’t really dying, it’s just a virus.I’ll run a cleanup and it will be right as rain. 2. Anger God damnit! This piece of shit won’t do anything. Why is it … Read More

No one type of nerd

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Back on the N-word podcast, episode 6 and 7 we talked about nerds and I said I would make a nerd hierarchy and Josh said something about putting an alpha nerd at the top. And I tried it that way and it didn’t work. Then I tried what was pretty much a nerd skill tree branching from the general, to either … Read More