Ghost In The Shell – TWB Review

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Whitewashing aside the real travesty of this live-action remake of Ghost in the shell is how patronizing it is to everyone who has read the manga, watched the 1995 movie, and followed the television stand-alone series.

Poltergeist 2.O : The Darkness

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Much like Poltergeist, The Darkness follows a structure that focuses primarily on the vulnerabilities of a child conductive whose susceptibility to the paranormal enable the demon or demons to enact their darkness upon this innocent suburban family.

Inside Out: Pixar’s Wondrous Stream of Consciousness

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Inside Out sheds light on those tumultuous preteen problems we’ve all forgotten about. Twelve year-old Riley and her family have moved to San Francisco. They’re a close family with happy memories, big dreams and a hopeful future. But Riley’s new home has greatly effected her personality and diminished her childhood. She’s a kid, so her emotions are amplified and run … Read More