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Instead of a monster movie about Kong, this remake of the quintessential creature feature focuses on one general’s vendetta against a war he may or may not have lost. The scrutiny he and his company (really, it’s all Sam) face as soldiers returning home from the Vietnam War is all too much to bear, so Packard enlisted his company upon … Read More

IT and 80’s Nostalgia

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IT works well as just a movie. Even if I had not read the book I would enjoy this film. Why, because it does something that many films fail to do these days: make me feel something. While watching IT, I felt a longing for the moments of childhood when we would ride bicycles and find adventure. There were no … Read More

Unforgettable – TWB Reviews

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Every year there seems to be one type of these films released about a good a man, woman, or a couple who is terrorized by a scorned lover. Unforgettable is no different than any one of these movies. Same premise. Same conclusion.

Ghost In The Shell – TWB Review

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Whitewashing aside the real travesty of this live-action remake of Ghost in the shell is how patronizing it is to everyone who has read the manga, watched the 1995 movie, and followed the television stand-alone series.