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Stay prepared for that awkward moment when you can actually butt into a conversation and not be considered a weirdo. We make movies and media relevant to life experiences by dissecting them down to their common core so that you always have something to talk about.

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Every week it’s my job to watch movies, so this is basically a perk of work… work perk…pwerk?

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Sharing is caring. Bottled up thoughts only fill your brain with annoying voices.

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There’s A Ghost Under My Shell

White washing aside let’s talk about how the live action Ghost In the Shell rinsed a completely good storyline down the drain for the appeal to whom: Everyone who did not read the manga, watch the 1995 anime, or the Standalone Complex series (and likely never will). In other words, the mass audience of movie goers who could care less about a cyborg who feels. I know, lets cast Scarlett Johansson! That’ll bring butts to the theater seats.

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