It's Electric! : The Amazing Spider-man 2 Soundtrack

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My Enemy

Even villains need a great theme for destruction. With The emergence of Max Dillion as Electro, Hans Zimmer along with pharrell and the magnificent six melded together a score worthy of mass cinematic atrocities. The phosphorescent* (see what I did there?) electrical engineer who made his way into

Phosphorescent performs “A Song for Zula” on the Amazing Spider-man 2 soundtrackThe Briefcase
Times Square zombified and confused has only the slightest idea of his extent to his newly acquired powers. He’s a attracted to the pulse of the city — the very pulse that buried him in obscurity as a socially awkward introvert now gives him life and the attention he so desperately craved.

If you foward six minutes and forty-five seconds into the score entitled My Enemy, you will hear the sample used to build the tension as max dillion’s and spider square off. It comes to listeners/viewers as an inner monologue, Max’s inner monologue or better yet, his alter ego finally establishes it’s dominance. He lied to me. Very prominent in the background the voices rises in volume as images of Spidey appear on the screens of surrounding buildings. He hates on me. Spidey attempts to calm him down while simultaneously analyzing a very precarious situation if he (Max) were to blow. He shot at me. The chant continues to build, faster and faster:

Lyrics from Hans Zimmer's The Amazing Spider Man 2 soundtrack.

Lyrics from Hans Zimmer’s The Amazing Spider Man 2 soundtrack.

Insert a dubstep sample here and congratulations the womb of injustice has just given birth to it’s next super villain. I can only vaguely express with words what Hans Zimmer was able to do with what is by far my favorite scene of the movie. In fact as I write this and play the soundtrack on a loop, I appreciate the artistry of the entire film (as a whole) even more.

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