Take more away from the media you indulge.

Share what entertains you.

Why Podcast?

Why Not?

The internet provides various platforms to people like yourself to share and create. All you have to do is take advantage of the opportunity. On this site, we make ideas into reality by communicating those ideas with all of you who are okay with being entertained by strangers.

A Cure from Boredom

The everyday rigmarole of life can get you down. So, I decided to do something creative. Sharing my thoughts on movies, writing short stories, or entertaining the idea of Bigfoot’s existence; it’s fun, it’s doing something other than the 9 to 5.

”Lord of the Rings, duh. ”

Creativity begins with the idea and guides you along the adventure to completeness, like, Samwise Gamgee and his boy Frodo in search of that ring. Who’s to say you have to be from this demographic or have this type of talent or skill? Enjoy the adventure of creating and be happy AF.

Literal Aside

As media consumers, we indulge so much in literal and visual stimulation that we forget we have a voice. This podcast enables me to exercise my voice and practice writing about the things I find interesting in pop media and life.


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The Lost Episodes

One horrible day, we lost it all. Nineteen episodes of The Talking with Burritos Podcast gone, erased from the website forever. Until now...

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