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Alien Free Fire In The Phoenix Sky

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Episode 78

Alien Free Fire In The Phoenix Sky

Show Notes Aliens, they fit in neither the category of monster or creature but fall into the unknown. We don’t fear them as much as we are intrigued by them. Give us a reason to be afraid and I’m sure we’ll piss our pants. But until that time comes curiosity will have to reign supreme within the space of our feeble minds.


Episode 77

Mummy Curses The Dark Universe

Show Notes Stir up some ancient Egyptian dust with The Mummy circa 2017 starring Tom “The Maverick” Cruise aka the last of the action hero and answer the question this failure should not be the end all for Universal Dark Universe.


Episode 76

Colossal Kong and The Creature Feature

Show Notes The King Kong movies, Godzilla, gigantic mutant insect films, and aliens were a common staple of this genre but then there was Dracula and Werewolves sprinkled into the play mix. These were all considered horror movies at the time before they were all lumped into the distinctive category of The Creature Feature.


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Great Decision

Episode 75

Wunza Movie, Wunza Singer

Show Notes Wunza a movie and wunza a podcast about buddy films, James Cameron, and Taylor Swift. Also, what happens when your favorite show ends or gets canceled? How long do you sulk and what steps can you take to move on with your life.



State of Fear- 2017 Horror Movie Edition


Freddy Krueger Got Fingered on Elm Street

Show Notes In September of 2016, we recorded an episode that never made it to post-production. Sometime during this awesome recording of Freddy galore, the recording stopped and we lost the better part of our program. Although we could never recreate that moment, I pieced together an episode filled with a semblance to our true intentions on that faithful afternoo



IT Rhymes With Coulrophobia

Show Notes What is it about fear that intrigues us? Is it the mystery of the unknown or the thrill of the experience that we find so alluring?
Some people are born fearful while in others fear comes with living our everyday lives and encountering things that make us feel uneasy or apprehensive. Either manifested from our now psychosis or an event, fear is natural and actually healthy. But how we deal with fear is what defines how we as individuals bloom from its seed. 


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