Spidey's Got His Groove: The Amazing Spider-man 2 Soundtrack

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I Am Spider-man

Blaring horns give life to the heroic theme composed by Zimmer entitled I Am Spider-man. The moment I heard the quiet whispers of New York and the first sounding of the initial trumpet, I literally felt chills down my spine. Juxtaposed against the image of the web-slingers logo decreasing in size to reveal the back of a winkled suited skinny kid free falling into the city-scape was utterly mind-blowing for this pseudo spider-man fan. Aside from that awesome first scene of Blade, this scene ranks considerably high on my list of a comic book character intros.

I Am Spider-Man¬†epitomizes the true essence of the superhero ethos:hope. Just as the bat symbol in the night sky of Gotham brings a light to an otherwise dark city, you hear this theme and you can’t help but to look up.

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