Birdsong – TWB69

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I wrote a story called King Up High about a man who must make it from opposite ends of the city to a high-rise building during the most dangerous day of the year: Purge Night. This short story became an audio drama that is now a podcast episode, Birdsong.

I hope you enjoy this special presentation and don’t be shy to tell me what you think.

Special thanks goes out to Alysa, Mikey, and Chris “The Rupel” for helping voice characters in this story. Birdsong is long overdue but worth the experience of creating.

Purge Fiction?

Although it’s not a great franchise, the concept at the impetus of The Purge films is a terrific plot device that could explore the deepest, darkest, recesses of the human psychosis without having to wow audiences with the bang and booms of “quote” a typical blockbuster movie.

For me, it’s the stories of the people trapped inside this world that are intriguing and horrific.

A few coworkers and I were talking about how effed up the tales within this insane world of The Purge could be. How the series could easily progress into a Tales from the Crypt or better yet a Saw-like franchise. Have each movie exist as its own film but continue to exploit the concept of The Purge in every iteration. One a year — on the same day — the audience enters a scenario where someone has to live out the danger that is this horrible day. We as the voyeurs of cinema are the only ones privy to the ghastliness happening to either the protagonist or antagonist. Much like the first movie with the family trapped inside their home with would-be killers trying to enter, we experience their horrific ordeal as they attempt at all means to survive.