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White washing aside, let’s talk about how the live action Ghost In the Shell rinses the essence of a completely good storyline to appeal to who: Everyone who did not read the manga, watch the 1995 anime or the Standalone Complex series and likely never will. The problem with this movie is that it missed appealing to its targeted audience.

Also, a man marries a robot and how that might be a good thing. And, Jay’s main dish: Are memories evidence of a soul?

On this episode of Talking With Burritos.

Episode Menu (Outline)

5:15 – The Power of Fandom
8:01 – Future Japan
15:15 – Introducing Kuze
17:32 – Can technology have a soul?
19:30 – What’s the next stage of evolution for humans?
20:02 – Chappie and the transference of mind and soul into machine.
24:29 – Transcendence: becoming one with universal and energy
25:30 – Ex Machina. Never trust anything made a lab.
29:52 – Storing our memories.
32:35 – Are memories evidence of a soul?
35:35 – The Neurologist Who Hacks His Own Brains and Almost Loses His Mind
40:47 – Man marries robot.

1. Ghost In The Shell Movie

  • Ghost in the shell review. It’s not all bad. The graphics were awesome. Only problem is that with this oddly technology-rich city there was a huge population of destitute and crime that was not used to paint a very rich picture of the people’s plight and separation of class. The crime in this city goes far beyond just cool guys sitting in a hotel suite sipping on sake.
  • Scarlett as a better robot in Lucy. C’mon ma’an! Whether it was by choice of method or depicting realism, there was no reason to have Kira or Mokoto lumbering about on screen like an android lumber jack.
  • Making this movie not for the fan but for the potential box office payoff. Word of mouth is better than depending on star power.
  •  Kuze and how not to introduce a storyline. He power of the philosophical. In Episode 12 of Ghost In The Shell: S.A.C. 2nd GIG 12, Kuze is described as a leader akin to Martin Luther King and Ghandi. Liberation without the use of violence

2. Are memories evidence of a soul?

Consider the phrase “I saw my life flash before my eyes.” Is it possible that in the moment we die our brains download years of memories to ensure us that we have lived?

3. Wired In

Man hacks own brain and almost kills himself – Link To Article


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Robots Aren’t Human. You Only Make Them So – WIRED
Ghost in the Shell Review: Has a Movie Ever Owned Itself So Hard? – GQ

Flava Text of the Week:

You can’t always plan your path into the future. Sometimes you have to build it first.

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