IT Rhymes With Coulrophobia

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What is it about fear that intrigues us? Is it the mystery of the unknown or the thrill of the experience that we find so alluring?
Some people are born fearful while in others fear comes with living our everyday lives and encountering things that make us feel uneasy or apprehensive. Either manifested from our now psychosis or an event, fear is natural and actually healthy. But how we deal with fear is what defines how we as individuals bloom from its seed.


Episode Menu

00:49 – The Zipper and the Carnival ride that may or may not have ruined me.

03:15 – Just how much I loved IT.

09:13 – Isn’t high school just grande! I was Ben Hanscom.

11:17 – I called Bev Marsh a bitch inside a crowded auditorium and the Friendzone does exist.

12:41 – Nostalgia and the 80’s; IT took me back to the good ol’ days.

14:18 – The joy of riding bikes and rolling with a crew to parts unkown.

15:14 – Good boys spend time outside with their friends and not in a library will old ladies.

17:27 – In small towns like Derry evil doesn’t exist?

18:55 – IT’s not that scary, but Bill Skardsgard did a good job clowin’ around. Badum Bum!

19:57 – Tim Curry and Heath Ledger and setting the bar too high.

23:45 – Are the FBI really criminalizing speech by placing Juggalos on the watch list?

36:53 – Speaking of clowns… Kevin Hart’s extortion plea.

The Zipper Did Not Cause Fear of Heights but I Did It Because I Love You

When I was twelve or so, my father convinced me —kinda forced me, whatever— to ride the infamous  carnival ride known as The Zipper and when I was nineteen a woman would question my manhood.


The IT Movie Made Me Question My Childhood

In the previous episode, I talked about what it takes to successfully adapt a film from a preexisting source material like a novel. In my movie watching experience, the best way to adapt anything into a film is to maintain the spirit of the original source material. Make whatever creative decisions necessary to complete the project, but it is important to keep the spirit of the movie fresh or else the film suffers.

IT works well as just a movie. Even if I had not read the book I would enjoy this film. Why, because it does something that many films fail to do these days: make me feel something. While watching IT, I felt a longing for the moments of childhood when we would ride bicycles and find adventure. There were no killer clowns, but there was the intrigue to investigate and create our own storylines.

This That And Other News: Juggalos and Extorting Kevin Hart

  • Fear of the Unknown and Cultural Perception

I don’t know much about Juggalos but I do remember high school in the early nineties and these kids who would dress in JNCO shorts and wear Insane Clown Posse t-shirts. Every now and then you would see a few with face paint, but that was seldom during school hours. Do I think they belong on the government’s gang Watchlist? Maybe, however, that depends on what got you on that list in the first place.

  • Fearful Hart – Jay’s Dish

Fear and how we show courage in different situations vary in circumstance. This moment fell into my notes as I planned this episode, and it concerns K Harts recent admission that he may have put himself in a situation where his integrity may have been compromised. Problem is: this isn’t new to Kevin Hart and he told us this himself. This is absolutely no of my business, I have some thoughts…


Article: What the Fuck Happened At The Juggalo March on Washington, by Mitchell Sunderland, Vice

Kevin Hart and the Extortionist Lady

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